Monday, June 11, 2012

More of the Challenges of Writing

Day Three -- A Great Writer Takes Initiative

     Okay, so on this day I was to get up two hours early and dedicate that time to my writing. Well, due to a nasty cold that didn't quite happen. The general idea was explained as taking some time aside to write each day, however, and I am working on building that into my routine along with other healthy habits I've been meaning to implement. My routine should go something like this...

830am Rise and shine.
9am Devos/prayer time along with breakfast.
10am Writing or Sketching. (I should vary day to day, but I need to practice both.)
11am Housework.
1230pm Luncheon.
130pm Study. (Biology, finances, history, Bible, whatever I've picked up at the moment.)
230pm Freetime.
430pm Dinner prep.
530-6ish Dinner.

My writing tools of choice
Day Four -- Practice Doesn't Make Perfect

     The challenge here was to practice writing in public, to make a pitch to a magazine or send something to be published [read: rejected]. One of the ideas was to share something on your blog that you never had before. I'm still working on a proper idea, but I should have something out by tomorrow. Ack. Behind again.

Day Five -- How Great Writers Prepare for Big Projects

     Today Jeff encourages participants to "ship it." To finish the next chunk of a project, to do something. I was for my part--after a day of trying to help my mother get ready for her mission's trip--a little befuddled as to how I'm supposed to accomplish this before midnight tonight. With a little ingenuity, however, I've decided to progress with my secondary super secret blog idea. More to come on that, I may even launch it this month and link over to it. But I needs must work on it if it ever is to happen. Off I go!

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