Sunday, September 9, 2012

The College Experience

     About three weeks ago, I watched my family drive away without me. Then I picked up my backpack and marched up the stairs to my dorm room where I will continue to reside until December 14th. I think it went against all of our natural inclinations for them to leave and me to stay. Yet, here I am.

     I treaded water in a sea of freshman for the first few days until the other upperclassmen arrived. They're actually all great girls, freshmen included, I just never quite got along with other people "my age." My honey says it's because that's because nobody else acts their age--I feel socially retarded nonetheless. Finally classes started the following Monday, so I plunged headfirst into the deep end of the pool of knowledge.

     Botany, earth science, statistics, Biblical worldview, psychology, and creation studies makes for a rather full week. The workload isn't the adjustment though, just all the newness of not being immediately part of my family unit. I don't think the other girls seem to deal with it as much, but when you're homeschooled transitioning out of the house is kind of a big deal--especially for us daughters.

     Anyway, off to study bryophytes and gymnosperms and all of that good stuff. Happy weekend, here's to the college experience.