Monday, June 11, 2012

More of the Challenges of Writing

Day Three -- A Great Writer Takes Initiative

     Okay, so on this day I was to get up two hours early and dedicate that time to my writing. Well, due to a nasty cold that didn't quite happen. The general idea was explained as taking some time aside to write each day, however, and I am working on building that into my routine along with other healthy habits I've been meaning to implement. My routine should go something like this...

830am Rise and shine.
9am Devos/prayer time along with breakfast.
10am Writing or Sketching. (I should vary day to day, but I need to practice both.)
11am Housework.
1230pm Luncheon.
130pm Study. (Biology, finances, history, Bible, whatever I've picked up at the moment.)
230pm Freetime.
430pm Dinner prep.
530-6ish Dinner.

My writing tools of choice
Day Four -- Practice Doesn't Make Perfect

     The challenge here was to practice writing in public, to make a pitch to a magazine or send something to be published [read: rejected]. One of the ideas was to share something on your blog that you never had before. I'm still working on a proper idea, but I should have something out by tomorrow. Ack. Behind again.

Day Five -- How Great Writers Prepare for Big Projects

     Today Jeff encourages participants to "ship it." To finish the next chunk of a project, to do something. I was for my part--after a day of trying to help my mother get ready for her mission's trip--a little befuddled as to how I'm supposed to accomplish this before midnight tonight. With a little ingenuity, however, I've decided to progress with my secondary super secret blog idea. More to come on that, I may even launch it this month and link over to it. But I needs must work on it if it ever is to happen. Off I go!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Writer's Challenge

     I had all sorts of big plans for this summer, one of which being to "get serious" about my writing. What exactly I meant by that, I'm not sure. I say it fairly often and rarely act on it. Thus, as my friend so kindly shared this with me, I'll be undertaking a fifteen day writing challenge offered by Jeff Goins on his website. I don't normally like to solicit, but I thought I'd include a badge at the bottom of my entry along with a little back work since I've come in a day late. Thus, without further ado...

Day One -- Declare You're a Writer (Catch Up)

     I am a writer. I am not a terribly good writer, nor as yet published, but I do in fact write. I journal, I blog, I invent (sort of) clever statuses, I compose letters, I jot ideas, and I even arrange the occasional poem. I'm supposed to tell this to an actual person or institution, boldly and without an overpowering fear of rejection. Since I'm sort of timid and also have a nasty cold in addition to my killer garlic breath, I opted for informing my sweetheart via IM. His response? "I know." That's promising, right?

Day Two -- Good Writers Believe In Themselves

     Ok, so I'm not much for the whole "believe in yourself" movement, but I can see the man has a point. If I gripe and grump and groan about my lack of abilities, I'm not going to get anywhere. The attitude ought to be "just do it." Well, here it is. I've jumped into the midst of a mission/quest/thing and I'm confident I can complete it. All that's left is the action part. Haha... yeah... "all."